Central Florida Business Leads

The Bare Bone for Business Leads Every business in Central Florida is required to maintain a current business tax receipt.  A great source for business leads.

We have the information on how to access each of these counties and the file layouts. With links to the Servers. But why kill yourself, we will have copies of all the data here at Central Florida Hosting, with lots of information on how to use the data.

Get fast access to brand new business leads.
New businesses are looking to establish relationships with vendors who will save them time and money. A New Business Leads database can connect you with these recently established companies—sometimes just days after formation. The right sales leads make all the difference.

The way to find and engage the right prospects is to start with the right lead list. Call, mail, and email prospects using targeted B2B & B2C Leads.

The Six Central Florida Counties has a Unique approach to collecting and presenting their tax data.

Most Counties issues two (2) types of Business Tax Receipts – regulated and not regulated. Business Tax Receipts are valid for one year.